Instant payday USD 200 – check the ranking of payday loans up to USD 200 online

To help you choose the payday loan for 200 USD, we have prepared a ranking of the best offers available online. Which companies are worth considering first? The story is on

Payday loans USD 200 in Cheap Loan

Payday loans USD 200 in Cheap Loan

USD 200 is the minimum loan amount at the Good Finance loan company. You can take it for five to thirty days, and if you’re a new customer, you’ll get your first loan for free. The offer is distinguished by:

  • simple application procedure,
  • availability due to the lender’s working hours, whose office is open seven days a week,
  • flexible approach in companies to situations where there is a problem with repayment obligations.

Cons of this proposal? The company checks potential clients in the database of debtors and assesses the creditworthiness of applicants. So it can be difficult to get for people with a complicated financial situation.

Small Loan – payday loans from 200 USD


USD 200 is also the minimum amount in the Small Loans company. You can also take it for five to thirty days. What are the advantages of this particular offer?

  • the possibility of applying for a loan from the age of 19,
  • free loan for new customers,
  • onerous formalities limited to a minimum,
  • very short waiting time for a loan decision,
  • an office available every day of the week.

The offer in the Small Loan also has minuses. The most burdensome for some clients will be verification in the debtors’ databases , which may limit access to funds for people in financial difficulties.

A quick payday loan of USD 200 at Honest Bank


Honest Bank is a recognizable loan company on the market where you can take payday loans for up to USD 100. The minimum loan period is only one day. You can have the maximum amount of money for thirty days. Why is this offer worth considering?

  • Honest Bank maintains bank accounts in many branches, which speeds up sending funds to customers – you won’t have to wait long for money,
  • The customer service office is open on business days from 8:00 to 22:00. It is also available on weekends.
  • the option of using identity verification in the form of a quick transfer through the Good Finance system,
  • limited formalities.

What are the disadvantages of the loan offer? The loan may be discouraged by the limited way of solving the problem of late payment and verification at the Good Finance.

Payday loans USD 200 at Filarum


Filarum offers its customers similar rules for granting payday loans as Honest Bank. You can borrow 100 USD for one to thirty days . Filarum stands out:

  • long hours of customer service – works daily from 7:00 to 23:00,
  • the option of extending the loan repayment time,
  • minimal formalities

Filarum will be especially appreciated by people with limited creditworthiness, as the company does not verify its clients in the Good Finance. However, to use this loan, you must have an ID card . You will not get passport payday loans here.

Honest Loan – loans for thirty days

You can also borrow funds at Honest Loan for a maximum of thirty days. The first payday loan is available for free . You will get USD 200 without incurring additional costs. Why should you consider this option?

  • very short waiting time for a loan decision – on average it is only 10 minutes,
  • transparent customer panel, in which you have access to a set of documents,
  • no onerous verification transfer.

However, this lender restricts access to loans for people who have adverse entries in the Good Finance. It also introduces age limits.

Payday loans USD 200 – what documents are needed?


Instant payday loans are available to many people, but you need to provide several documents to receive them. What are these documents?

  • ID card or other document confirming identity

Most loan companies accept any valid ID. It is to confirm, among others, your age, because payday loans have only been available for 18 years. However, it may happen that only payday cards for ID cards will be available. If you only have a passport, make sure you can use it to prove your identity.

  • proof of income

Some loan companies expect an income statement from their clients. Therefore, it is not enough to write the earnings in the form.

In this situation, for example, you must provide an account statement from the last few months or a certificate from your employer. It is rare for someone to grant payday pay without income or payday payday without certificates.

These two documents are necessary regardless of whether you are interested in payday loans without GFI or payday loans with customer verification. They are needed, especially when you are a new customer and you are interested in a USD 200 loan for free.

Good Finance 200 – how many days can I take it?


Payday loans, as the name suggests, are usually given for a short period. What options do you usually have to choose?

  • payday loan 200 USD for 15 days,
  • payday payment USD 200 for 30 days,
  • payday payment USD 200 for 60 days.

The most popular are definitely payday loans for thirty days. Some companies, however, approach repayment much more flexibly. So you can apply for a loan for five or twenty-five days, for example. Sometimes, however, these periods are rigidly imposed by the loan company.

Our ranking of payday loans for USD 200 was based on a comparison engine. We selected the best offers assuming a repayment time of thirty days and taking into account the information that these are payday loans for new customers.

If you need a loan for a different amount or for a different period, you can set parameters you want in the comparison engine. This way you will get a list of the best current offers available on the market.

Moms, Don’t Easily Believe These 3 Credit Card Myths

Being a housewife is not only required to take care of her husband and children, but also to manage family finances so that all household needs are met. This is not an easy task, because there are a few wrong strategies, everything goes awry, expenses are inflated and other things that can threaten family harmony.

A housewife knows which priority needs and which can still be postponed. Including business discounts, cheap promo shopping at the supermarket are observant. Usually discounted prices and promos scattered when shopping using a credit card. If there are more transactions, there are points that can be exchanged to get other benefits.

But the name is a housewife, usually does not have a steady income so it is difficult to apply for a credit card. Though not necessarily the bank will immediately reject your credit card application for reasons of not having a steady income. This is just a myth that is not necessarily true.

Therefore, do not rush to believe the myth and increasingly make you discourage applying for a credit card. What are the current myths regarding credit cards and housewives in circulation and should not be trusted? Check out the following explanation.


1. Impossible Housewife Have a Credit Card

housewife credit

“I’m a housewife, I don’t work in an office and don’t have a regular income every month. How can credit card applications be accepted?”

Right, you really are not an office employee. But remember, housewife is the financial regulator in the family. Everything is done starting from grocery shopping, paying bills, saving money, and others properly. Don’t let anyone miss it so that life is safe. Things like this can be a positive assessment for the credit card issuing bank. Instead of doubt, the bank will see you as a great potential to increase the number of their credit card transactions.

So don’t believe in the myth that housewives can’t have a credit card. Do not hesitate to immediately submit a credit card to the desired bank. Usually the bank will see the transaction history from your account. Also, the bank will ask for deposit funds. As long as it is fine, the chances of receiving your credit card application are quite large.


2. Never Have a Credit Card, No Credit History Can Be Evidence

The second myth that is often used as an excuse for housewives who fail to apply for credit cards is to feel they do not have a good credit history to be used as supporting evidence to the bank because they have never had a credit card before. In fact, credit card history is not merely a factor of how easily you get a new credit card. There are still a number of other credit products that can be taken into consideration by banks when accepting credit card applications, such as Home Ownership Loans (KPR), Unsecured Loans (KTA), to the track record of repayments of motor vehicle loan installments ever undertaken.

To make the submission process go smoothly, make sure you have a good credit history for various loans besides credit cards. For example, having a car or motorcycle installment, so don’t ever pay late every month. That way, the bank will see your positive track record.

3. Between husband and wife, credit history is the same

credit loans

In fact, your and your partner’s credit history is different so you don’t need to worry that your husband’s credit history will affect your wife’s credit record. Indeed, there are options where you and your partner can apply for joint credit. This means that responsibility will be borne by the husband and wife. But for the sake of meeting the needs of the household, it is better if it is separated.


Just a Myth, Don’t Hesitate to Submit a Credit Card

Just a Myth, Don

How is it, moms? Now you already know that it’s all just a myth whose truth cannot be proven. So no need to hesitate anymore to apply for a credit card so that you can enjoy the benefits in order to meet the needs of the family. But remember, do not be too far. Arrange expenses as best you can, wisely use a credit card, and discipline to pay bills. May be useful!

Register of Loan Institutions – what is worth knowing about it?

As the name suggests, the Register of Loan Institutions is nothing more than the official list of companies providing consumer loans. It has been run by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority since mid-2017 as a result of changes in regulations regarding the activities of such institutions.

What is the Register of Loan Institutions?


Currently, there are over 470 non-bank companies on the list that conduct loans-related activities in Poland. Among them are companies offering quick cash loans (granted via the Internet and in stationery offices), but also companies offering products to secure real estate or helping to finance the purchase of a car.

The list of lenders kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority is obligatory – it means that every company that wants to run a loan business in our country must sign up to it. The list is constantly updated and available to everyone – you can read it on the website.

The official database replaced the previously operating Register of Loan Companies, which was voluntary and operated at the Polish Association of Loan Institutions, associating entities enjoying the opinion of reliable lenders.

What are the purposes of the registry?


The establishment of the Register of Loan Institutions was a consequence of the rapid development of the non-bank loans market, which proved to be an attractive alternative to banking products.

Unfortunately, dishonest lenders, which had to be eliminated from the market for the safety of customers, began to occur among the many emerging companies. To this end, legal regulations defining the conditions for conducting loan operations were introduced, as well as an official register of companies that deal with it.

Entities included in the Register of Loan Institutions are not subject to the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. This office only maintains a database of companies but does not control their activities in terms of compliance with applicable regulations.

Companies that want to deal with loans, however, are required to make an entry in the register – if they do not do so, they cannot start a business. To obtain entry, they must meet certain formal requirements set out in consumer credit regulations.

The purpose of the register is, therefore:

  • collecting data on loan companies that meet the formal conditions for conducting business,
  • providing the above information to all interested parties.

To sum up, if you want to use the services of a given lender, you can use the register to check if it meets the business conditions set out in the regulations. If it is not on the list, it means that it operates illegally and should not grant loans.

However, remember that the presence of a company in the database does not mean that it is honest. If you are unsure whether online loans and payday loans are safe, take the time to gather information about them. Choose proven companies that have been on the market for many years and enjoy a good reputation among customers.

What data is in the register?


The scope of data on lenders that you will find in the PFSA register is determined by the relevant provisions. This is only basic information such as:

  • entry number in the register,
  • full name of the company,
  • registered office and address (street, number, zip code, city),
  • entry number in the National Court Register,
  • Tax Identification Number

As we mentioned at the beginning, the above information has the form of a table contained in an Excel file that anyone can download from the website. Data can be sorted by individual categories, as well as using a search engine to help find a given loan provider.

Who must sign in to the Register of Loan Companies?

Pursuant to the provisions, an entry into the Good Finance database should be obtained by any company that wants to deal with granting consumer loans. It is currently a condition for starting operations. Entities that offer loans to customers without an entry are exposed to a fine of USD 500,000.

It is worth knowing that at the time of launching the base, i.e. in July 2017, companies already operating on the market had to make an entry 6 months, i.e. until January 2018.

How to enter a loan company in the register?

How to enter a loan company in the register?

An enterprise that wants to offer loans must make an entry in the Register of Loan Institutions. To this end, it is necessary to submit an application to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in Warsaw and to pay a fee of USD 600. This amount must be paid directly to the bank account of the PFSA, whose number appears on the office’s website.

To obtain an entry in the database, the applicant should meet the following formal requirements:

  • be in the form of a joint-stock company or a limited liability company (this cannot be e.g. a sole proprietorship or a civil law partnership),
  • its share capital should amount to at least USD 200,000 and must be covered only by a cash contribution (not an in-kind contribution) not from loans, bond issues or sources that cannot be documented,
  • members of its management board (as well as the supervisory board and proxy) may not be persons who have been convicted by a final judgment of a fiscal offense, against property, the credibility of documents, business transactions, as well as against trading in money and securities.

Failure to meet any of the above requirements is grounds for rejecting the application for entry in the register.

 How to prepay my credit?

All credit brokers are often faced with this question from their clients: “Can I pay off my credit in advance?” In fact, it can happen that a borrower wishes to repay his credit in advance, that is to say in advance, in other words before the term of the credit contract.

Events in life can encourage the repayment of a loan in advance: you immediately think of an inheritance, but that is not the only reason. A change of job, a new cohabitation, the gain of a sum of money, life insurance which expires, capital gains linked to investments, etc. etc … are all happy and favorable events which can encourage the borrower to repay his loan in advance.


Question of principle: can you repay your credit in advance?

Question of principle: can you repay your credit in advance?

In other words, can the borrower repay his personal loan or mortgage before the end of his contract? The answer to this question is simple. The law allows any borrower to repay any type of credit at any time during the life of the contract.


Question of finance: is it always interesting to repay your loan in advance?

Question of finance: is it always interesting to repay your loan in advance?

It is not necessarily attractive for the borrower to repay his loan in advance. We will understand better on the basis of a concrete example: imagine a candidate borrower who subscribes self financing for an amount of $ 35,000 to buy a new luxury vehicle. To finance such a purchase, in the case of a new vehicle, the interest rate will change in a range going from 3 to 5%. If the person concerned inherits a large sum, it may be more interesting to invest this money in an investment which can in the long term bring more than an interest rate of 3 to 5%. Real estate for example brings in an average of 10% per year. Likewise, certain corporate bonds bear interest of almost 7 to 8%.

The interest rate on the loan will therefore be a determining factor and the solution to this question will be a question of personal analysis.


Personal loan prepayment

Personal loan prepayment

The borrower has the right, at any time, to repay in whole or in part the balance of the remaining capital due in advance. In this case, he is entitled to a reduction in the total cost of the credit by an amount equal to the interest and costs due for the remaining term of the contract. He advises the lender of his intention by registered letter at least ten days before repayment. In practice, most brokers are satisfied with a simple telephone notification.

If the period between the early repayment and the agreed contract end date exceeds one year, the allowance amounts to 1% of the main amount being repaid early. If the period does not exceed one year, the compensation amounts to 0.5% of the capital amount subject to early repayment.

The lender communicates to the borrower the amount of the indemnity claimed by mail. This communication includes in particular the calculation of the compensation. The indemnity may in no case exceed the amount of interest that the borrower would have paid during the period between the early repayment and the date of the end of the agreed credit agreement.

The reimbursement made will be charged in priority to the amounts due and the re-employment allowance, and the balance will be charged to the balance remaining due on the day of payment. No re-employment compensation is due if, pursuant to article 85, 86, 87, 91 or 92 of the law of 12 June 1991, the borrower’s obligations are reduced to the cash price or the amount borrowed, or in the case of reimbursement in execution of an insurance contract intended conventionally to guarantee the reimbursement of the credit.


Prepayment of mortgage credit

Prepayment of mortgage credit

Prepayment of mortgage credit is also possible at any time during the life of the mortgage contract.

In this case, the borrower will owe a reuse capital allowance which will be equivalent to 3 months. The amount of interest will correspond to the amount taken from the amortization table corresponding to the month during which the reimbursement will have taken place.

Avail online credit in 24 hours.

Internet offers opportunity

Internet offers opportunity

The Internet not only offers the opportunity to examine the credit market free of charge by comparing providers and their conditions free of charge and without obligation, but is also an excellent starting point if borrowing is to take place as quickly as possible.

Because, of course, the local loan calculator also includes credit providers who have so-called “instant loans” in their repertoire. These loans are ideal for the borrower when it really has to be done very quickly. The processing time of these loan applications is reduced by a substantial amount compared to conventional loans, and the loan amount is paid out much faster (if the loan application is successfully checked).

With the help of a credit comparison, an instant loan can be found, in which the borrower receives the requested amount within 24 hours after first contact. This online credit in 24 hours is always appropriate when the loan amount is really needed quickly. There can be several reasons for this. In most cases, however, an invoice has to be paid quickly before the borrower or debtor receives even higher reminder fees.

Time-limited investments can also be a reason to apply for an online loan in 24 hours, because time is an important factor here if you want to invest in the respective project on time.

Easily get a loan with just a few clicks

Easily get a loan with just a few clicks

The terms of the loan itself generally differ only minimally from other loans. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible that the instant loan incurs minimally higher fees or a separate processing fee. However, these possible costs are of course already taken into account in the loan calculator itself, so that the potential borrower can directly and reliably receive information on how much the desired loan, including possible fees and interest, will ultimately cost.

Interested borrowers can usually find an online loan in 24 hours in any loan comparison that also includes providers with instant loans. The conditions of the loan itself can be viewed when applying for the loan. If the application is successful, the loan amount is paid directly to the borrower’s bank account. This means that the loan amount can usually be used on the same day, but at the latest on the next day.

This process is also suitable if another loan with bad conditions is to be replaced as quickly as possible. The online loan in 24 hours, along with its loan amount, is then ready within one day and can be used freely. A prerequisite for quick processing is, of course, that the borrower has the necessary collateral and a corresponding credit rating.

Should I apply for a loan or invest with United Credit?

If you are looking for a personal or finalized loan, take a look also at the competitive proposals of the credit and savings company United Credit. It is a company that is based on a new concept of simple and transparent bank, born in France about eight years ago from the intuition of its co-founder, and which relies on the support of important shareholders such as Credit Lenders, which among others make up the community of investors who finance consumer projects and wishes without intermediaries.

United Credit is currently known in France and Spain, but for about two years it has been distributing its consumer credit also in Italy through a fast and intuitive online platform. The only Italian physical location is located in Rome, but online or telephone assistance is easily accessible and constant throughout all the phases of the request and refund.

What does it offer?

What does it offer?

Following the signing of a loan that over time proved to be very different from what it was proposed to him at his trusted bank, They made transparency the cornerstone of the site. Through its banking platform it is possible to request personal loans, aimed at or aimed at consolidating debts from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000, to be repaid in 6/84 months with the security of the fixed rate and an installment that is always constant over time.

On the site it is often stressed that the TAN and the APR applied are lower than those proposed by the common banking institutions and the credit is given to the fact that, as everything takes place online, there is a significant cut in the costs of the company and therefore financing. In fact, the United Credit receives the loan only from the preliminary costs, never exceeding 3.5% of the amount granted. Any stamp duty or substitute taxes are charged to the bank, while all the interest paid by the consumer is collected in full by the investor.

How does it work?

How does it work?

To access the online loans offered by United Credit, the following requirements must be met:

  • be aged between 18 and 75;
  • have Italian residence;
  • not have a history of serious payment defaults;
  • have demonstrable income;
  • be a bank account holder, as the installments will be debited from it.

It is possible to make a first personalized loan request online, to evaluate what the offer is based on the amount you want and the repayment times indicated, all without any commitment. To realize firsthand how it all works, I simulated a request for $ 5,000 to be returned in 60 months to finance a trip.

After answering a series of questions regarding my marital status, my home (whether owned or rented), my profession, the amount of my salary, and various personal data (all very quickly and intuitively) a screen appeared in which I was denied the possibility of receiving a loan from them, suggesting other lenders to turn to, and I honestly did not understand the reasons because in the simulation I entered positive data such as a permanent contract, home owned and substantial salary.

However, if they had been willing to grant me the credit, these would have been the conditions that appeared on the previous screen:

  • $ 99.60 as a monthly installment (60 installments in all);
  • TAN 4.25% APR 7.50% (preliminary costs $ 375.77).

The rates applied vary according to the risk category to which the applicant belongs; however, on the website we read that the maximum TAN and APR applied, in the case of payers belonging to the highest risk category, but still eligible to receive a loan, are: 13.42% and 16.43%.

As I have seen personally, the first outcome of the request is immediate. If this first result is positive, more timely is the sending of the scans of the required documentation ( tax code, valid identity card, income document and bank document certifying your IBAN ) and the digital signature of the contract, the faster the definitive confirmation (which arrives within 24 hours from the receipt of the complete documentation) and the disbursement of the loan, which will take place by bank transfer no later than 15 days after confirmation.

The installments will be charged directly to the bank account on the 4th of each month. During the financing it is not possible for any reason to renegotiate the installment amount or to change the payment day. However, you will be able to repay your debt in advance, partially or totally, without the company requesting any compensation.

Attention to punctual payments. United Credit in fact applies late payment rates and additional expenses in the event of insolvencies, as well as sending the necessary reports to the competent bodies.

Possibility to combine the loan 

Possibility to combine the loan 

United Credit also offers its customers the possibility to combine the loan with insurance coverage against job loss or serious health problems and death, whose premium will be paid at the same time as the loan installment and whose subscription must necessarily take place at the same time as the request., you cannot add it later. In the request simulated by me, to obtain the basic coverage (death and serious illnesses) I was budgeted for an additional insurance premium of $ 7.50 per month, also requesting protection of the workplace to get to $ 11.25 more.

A promotion is currently underway for those who request a loan of $ 2,000 by 31 July 2019 to be repaid in 12 months: the applied APR will be only 0.01%, therefore extremely convenient for being a personal loan.

As already proudly highlighted on the bank’s official website, user reviews on Trustpilot are excellent, often emphasizing the speed of delivery and the clarity of the conditions.

Personal opinions

Personal opinions

United Credit offers its customers loans at affordable rates and promises transparency and clarity at all stages of the procedure. In an age in which we are all in a hurry, the possibility of carrying out the entire procedure exclusively online and in a short time is certainly a great point in favor of this company.

However, considering that my request simulation has been refused, despite being made up of good premises, the institution probably protects itself by establishing high safety parameters in selecting who is eligible or not eligible for funding. On the other hand, among the disadvantages identified by me I mention in particular the low flexibility: it is not possible to take advantage of options such as “Skip installment” or “Change installment”, now quite widespread in this type of consumer credit.

Wedding loan – secure top interest rates now and marry wonderfully

Cheap for a wedding loan!

Cheap for a wedding loan!

  • Loan type: A wedding loan is a normal installment loan, which you can use to finance your wedding and honeymoon.
  • Check the need: A rough cost planning helps you to determine the necessary loan amount. It is optimal if equity is also available to finance the wedding.
  • Early repayment: Since money is usually given at the wedding, the loan can be paid off in part or even in full after the celebration. However, this must be agreed in the loan agreement.
  • Advantage for 2 borrowers: As a future couple, the loan can be taken out in pairs. This gives the bank more security and increases the likelihood of a loan approval.
  • Loan term : If you can repay your loan over a shorter term, this is highly recommended. In general, the shorter the loan term, the lower the interest costs.

Finance the most beautiful day in life with a loan!

Finance the most beautiful day in life with a loan!

A wedding loan, also called a wedding loan, is supposed to make the most beautiful day in life an unforgettable day, even if you are unable to finance the wedding yourself from the money saved. Finance the most beautiful day of your life with a wedding loan.

A wedding can be very expensive depending on the requirements. From $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 and even more are not uncommon. Because the costs of a wedding do not only consist of the day itself, but also, for example, of the costs for the planned honeymoon (see: holiday credit).

If you haven’t saved enough, but still want to treat yourself, you can finance your wedding with the help of a loan. This is a particularly interesting option, especially if the spouses share the costs.

Why a wedding loan?

Why a wedding loan?

The wedding and the planned honeymoon should usually be remembered for a long time. Beautiful experiences are not necessarily associated with high costs, but you still want to treat yourself to something on the most beautiful day of your life.

The wedding loan is an interesting option, especially for young couples. Especially if you have not been in your professional life for a long time and have not yet saved a lot as a couple, the loan can help finance the wedding and pay it off in monthly installments in the coming years.

As a rule, couples usually receive slightly higher monetary gifts on the day of the wedding, which subsequently help the wedding to be financed. However, since the money gifts are only received on the day of the wedding and the costs, such as the wedding dress, usually have to be paid in advance, the loan can also be used for this financial bridging.

How much does a wedding cost?

How much does a wedding cost?

What a wedding costs depends primarily on your own expectations for that day. If you want to spend little and just want to get married in a civil registry office, you might already need 1,000 $. It is also not uncommon for a wedding to cost up to $ 20,000 and more. The table below shows a rough guideline for the upcoming costs.

If you are planning a wedding, you can use this table to roughly determine the total amount and use the comparison calculator to check how high the monthly charge for a wedding loan would be.

If you can just afford the planned wedding and the credit burden would actually be too high, there are ultimately only two options. Either the personal needs for the day are reduced or the wedding is planned later until the monthly income is better or you have saved more.

Tips for wedding credit

Tips for wedding credit

Loan amount

The cost of a wedding can usually be planned very well in advance. It is therefore worthwhile to get non-binding offers before borrowing in order to get an overview of costs. This then shows roughly how much you have to take out the loan.

Monthly rate

Once you have determined the necessary loan amount, you can use a loan comparison to check how high the monthly charge on the installments will be. The rates can then be increased or decreased by adjusting the term of the loan. It is important that you can really afford the monthly installments. To calculate this, a household bill should be drawn up.

Special repayment and early redemption

On the day of the wedding, you usually get higher monetary gifts. This money can then be used to pay the wedding bills still open. If there is still something left over, you can also make a special repayment in the loan or, in the best case, even replace it completely. This saves you a lot of interest.

Take out a loan for two

As a couple, it can be worthwhile to take out the loan in pairs. So with a second applicant. Especially if both spouses are working, it increases the likelihood that the bank will approve the loan. If this security is not sufficient for the bank, the parents can also be given as guarantors.

What should you watch out for with a wedding loan?

What should you watch out for with a wedding loan?

In addition to all the advantages of a wedding loan, you should also note a few important points. Even if you have financed the most beautiful day of your life with it, you have also built up a debt burden that must now be met.

The loan amount
Understandably, you want to treat yourself to something for your wedding. However, it should be noted that one does not over-finance oneself and later remains at the expense. The loan should therefore only be taken up in the amount that can then be paid back without any problems.

On the day of the wedding, of course, you don’t think about separation. Unfortunately, more and more marriages are divorced in the first 3 years. If you then have to pay off a loan for the wedding, you may be faced with a problem because the installments may now have to be paid by one person alone and divorce is an additional financial burden.

Future financial planning
When taking out a loan, future financial planning should also be taken into account. Perhaps children are planned and the woman goes on maternity leave and thereby earns less money or one would like to buy property. Ideally, the loan should be paid off by then or only slightly burden the household.

Wedding credit in 6 steps

Wedding credit in 6 steps

  • Determine the necessary loan amount

    If you are planning a wedding, you can usually calculate the costs very well in advance and therefore know the necessary loan amount that must be taken up at the bank.

  • compare offers

    When the necessary loan amount has been clarified, you can now use a comparison calculator to check how high the monthly installments will be at an appropriate interest rate and the chosen term.

  • Household calculation

    As a couple, you should now check whether you can really afford the loan and whether the monthly installments can be used. A household bill helps to determine the monthly surplus of the household.

  • Apply for credit online

    If you want it easy, you can submit the loan application to the bank completely electronically in the comparison calculator. For this, a few personal data and the income situation must be given.

  • Ident procedure

    The bank is now carrying out a credit check. At the same time, the signed application usually has to be submitted and an identification procedure with a passport or ID card must be carried out at the post office or online.

  • Waiting for withdrawal

    If everything fits, you usually only have to wait a few days for the payment. As a rule, the first installment is due in the following month. It makes sense to set up a standing order or to grant the bank a direct debit authorization.